Full Pull

Full Pull is an organization for electronic/experimental music and art, with connections in Malmö, Copenhagen and Berlin. 

I participated as graphic designer 2008–2011. Among other things I designed and produced material for the annual festival in Öresund, hosting great artists as Ben Frost, Kangding Ray, Planningtorock, Matias Aguayo, Demdike Stare, Alva Noto, Pan Sonic, Omar-S, Shackleton and Mark Bain to name but a few. The festival is now in some kind of hibernation but most likely will find a new shape and rise again, to continue exploring the borderlands between art music and techno, history and future, the analog and the digital, academia and punk.

Visually the the festival moved thematically from a series of Cyan–Magenta–Yellow–Key (2005–2008), through Light/Transparent (2009), Dark/Obscure (2010) and finally a Space/Future theme (2011). The aim was always to find a somewhat timeless shape, a historically aware yet contemporary form. Perhaps retro-futuristic, but neither retro nor futuristic.



Full Pull 2011

The final frontier / Space is the place



Full Pull 2010



When pulling the sled the entire length of the track in tractor pulling it is considered a »full pull«. This year I let the year »09« bring to mind the origin of the name, but in a simplistic form more resembling an older type of mechanic, perhaps a kinetic art work from Tinguely. When this year’s festival was a collaboration with Kontra-Musik, I also played with the semicolon as a dividing sign, looking like a vertical »09«.

I customized the title font and made parts of the forms disappering, but also more materialized – in accordance to the festival's philosophical themes around transparency, deconstruction and the real.




Draw a straight line and follow it.

(La Monte Young, Compositions 1960)

Scenography by Jenny Nordberg

Scenography by Jenny Nordberg

Summary/Anniversary Posters