Flowers suspended in the darkness; a ball—dripping with paint—hurtling through the void; a tide of oranges floating in an unspeakable liquid. Gyeol, from director Jin Angdoo, is a treat for the eyes and the senses—an abstract film that pushes the boundaries of the medium, relying on really-existing matter and materials to produce its compelling compositions (rather than using the tricks of animation). “The film is a mix of the unsettling and oddly satisfying,” explains the Korean-born filmmaker who today splits her time between the creative triumvirate of London, Paris, and Amsterdam. “Gyeol follows the linear journey of a travelling ball, with hard cuts into shots of flowers and fruit—all beautifully and meticulously arranged, and heightened by the other-worldly soundtrack.”

Hendrik Kerstens, Dutch photographer

Since 1995, Dutch photographer Hendrik Kerstens has been photographing his daughter, Paula. Alexander McQueen based his Fall 2009 collection on Kerstens' image of Paula with a plastic bag as a head-dress. Read more

Kilian Martin

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